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Questions and Answers

Does my dog need to be out of the yard when you are cleaning up his poop?

Yes, it would be much appreciated and will allow for much quicker cleanup.   

Although, if your dog is friendly and doesn't jump on people then it would be ok. This decision will be made by our staff on an individual basis.

Do we need to supply anything for the cleanup?

No, we will supply everything needed to do the task at hand.

Do you take the poop away?

No, we are a cleanup service only. We do require that the home owner put it out for the trash. We are more than willing to help those in need of some assistance to put the bags out at the curb for garbage pickup.

What areas do you service?

We service Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Leduc, Sherwood Park, Adrossan, Calmar, and Devon. Ask us if we service your area as we are currently expanding to service other areas than what is listed.

What is the method of payment required?

Method of payment preferred is cash, paypal, and email money transfer. Our regular customers that we have had for more than a month we will accept cheque or money order.

Does weather play a role in whether you come out and cleanup?

We will come out as long as the weather is reasonable. We are currently building up a clientele for the winter months if you are interested. Call us.

Are there any places you won't work in?

Yes, we do not do under decks or really low lying trees. We try to get in as far as we can at a reasonable reach or close to the outskirts of the decking or trees. If you want us to do under areas such as these it will cost extra.

We do not pick up dog poop in muddy or soupy yards. We require that your yard be easy to pick poop up in because we do not move items out of the way.

We DO NOT cleanup dog poop inside houses including basements, closets, and so on. We have been asked on occasion to cleanup inside houses. ABSOLUTELY NOT! This is a health hazard and must be dealt with Poison Control as this is a biohazard.

Do you do other work besides Dog Poop Cleanup?

We offer assistance in yard cleanup for those who may have a disability or who are elderly. We will rake leaves, mow the lawn, do gardening and planting, sod laying, etc. Please contact us about it. We will fill you in as needed.

Our email is:

Phone: (780)982-7473

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