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     Due to the nature of various sizes of yards and amount of Dog Poop Prices Will Vary. We pride ourselves in our excellent and prompt service and give you the best rates possible for one time clean-ups, weekly, bi-weekly, and/or monthly plans.

Let Us Quote You On A Customized Plan

     We specialize in customizing a plan just right for you and your dog(s). Your customized rates and cleanup schedule are sure to make you and your pet(s) smile. Clean Yards make happy and healthy pets. Contact us for more information.

One Time Cleanup's

     One time Cleanup's are available. Usually, the One Time Cleanup's are done in the Spring after the initial Spring thaw, as well, in the Fall and Winter when it becomes a sight for sore eyes or a stinky mess. Prices will vary and cannot be properly quoted without seeing the yard in person.

     We would like to make a special note to those who are confused after they have had us once for a One Time Cleanup in the Spring and then again in the Fall. We charge for EACH cleanup seperately. Unless, you continue on with us throughout the whole summer and we maintain your yard throughout the winter months. Then the One time Cleanup fees can be waived and the necessary charges will be adjusted.

*If you live outside the city of Edmonton's limits there could be additional travel fees. 

Miscellaneous Charges

     Due to the nature of our business sometimes it can be a challenge to even pick up Dog Poop in grassy yards. We would like to advise our customers of additional charges that may apply if your yard does not have sod or the grass is extremely long,or where there are tons of leaves, wood chips, or rocks.

     If you have dirt in your backyard please notify us prior to cleanup. If it has rained and your yard is muddy please inform us so we can bring the necessary equipment needed to cleanup your yard properly.

     Due to the snow season, as well, please keep in mind that we will do our best to pick what we can see and work on getting the rest as the season ends and the snow begins to melts.

Gift Certificates

     Gift certificates are a great opportunity to get your relatives, friends, neighbors, or even spouse to cleanup the dog poop in the backyard. Order a gift certificate from us today. This makes a great gift for those who don't like to cleanup after their dog(s). Our Gift Certificate makes life a whole lot more enjoyable than having to argue over who is going to cleanup after the dog(s).

Payment Options

     We accept cash, paypal. email money transfers (a.k.a. e-transfer), and in some cases cheques. Cheques are only permissable if we have done service with you for more than a month.

Questions About our Service?

     We are more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding our service. Please feel free to email us at or contact us by telephone (780)982-7473.

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