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  • Kylie Ely

Hobbema Crisis of 100+ dogs in rough condition

As the owner and operator of No Time For Poop, I would like for more people to know about the situation out in Hobemma, AB. We are asking that if people want to adopt a dog to check out Sundance Canine Rescue's website. There are going to be so many more dogs coming out of there in need of a good home. I have attached a link for a taste of what is going on out in Hobemma.



I am offering my services at an extreme discount to those who adopt from the Sundance Canine Rescue. I will definitely be requiring proof of adoption.

This is the least I can do to help make things easier for everyone involved with this tragic situation. Let these dogs have a chance.


This is just a video I found randomly. Unfortunately, it is reality for some but for others they just think commenting on the video is hilarious. Too bad!

But anyway, this gives you an idea of the issue out there with stray dogs.











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