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Doggy Daycare at the Humane Society???

Posted by notimeforpoop on March 2, 2009 at 6:53 PM
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Edmonton Humane Society

The brand new Edmonton Humane Society facility is set to open in May and it will have everything dogs and cats could need, but that has some small business owners worried.

Edmonton Humane Society facility upsets business owners

Updated: Wed Feb. 25 2009 11:29:33


The brand new Edmonton Humane Society facility is set to open in May and it will have everything dogs and cats could need, but that has some small business owners worried.

"Our concerns are that it's an unlevel playing field, they are a registered not for profit charity and they are opening one of the largest dog daycares in Edmonton," said Roseanna Gulleckson, with Makin' Trax Canine Care and Training Center.

The Edmonton Humane Society said they are not trying to compete with small business.

"We have been advocating the need for dog day cares, we are now just pretty much doing what we have been preaching," said Shawna Randolph with EHS.

EHS argues that there is a need for more daytime care for dogs.

"Two years ago we did a survey of dog daycares in the area and found two years ago there were waiting lists for many organizations," said Randolph.

But, Gulleckson said she's done her own research and found just the opposite to be true.

"I contacted just about every dog daycare in the Yellow Pages, none had waiting lists and to their knowledge hadn't been contacted regarding a study," she said.

Despite the fact that EHS has been around for over 100 years, the local dog care industry wants them to stick to their roots.

"They need to go back to what their mandate was and what they are supposed to be doing and that is saving the animals," said Nicole Johnston, owner of Dogspaw.

The cost of the new EHS building came to over $22 million, with over $6 million from the Alberta government, another $1.25 million from the City of Edmonton and another $400,000 from surrounding cities.

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Reply Kim
5:29 PM on January 11, 2010 
I would love to know what Daycares Ms. Gulleckson called because when I was searching for a daycare for my dogs I was told at every turn that there were long waiting lists. I think both her and Ms. Johnston are displaying major cases of sourgrapes, worried that they will lose business. It's that kind of business centred, rather than animal centred approach that made me leave their old daycare. My boys now go to the Humane Society daycare and I couldn't be happier! All the profits go back into EHS programs! What a fantastic way for the EHS to raise money to help care for injured, unwanted and abused animals! Thanks for this article. I now know of 2 dog daycares that I certainly will NOT recommend to friends who are looking. My dogs LOVE going to the EHS daycare. They weren't happy at their old one, wouldn't get in the car, then wouldn't get out, were frantic to get home. Now they can't wait to get there. I say "daycare" and they run to the door to go! So I always recommend EHS when I hear of someone looking for a place for their dogs!
Reply Kylie Ely
5:05 PM on February 16, 2010 
I am so glad to hear there is a good cause towards the doggie daycare at the Edmonton Humane Society. Mind you, there always is a good cause with most things the EHS does.

I am saddened about your deal with the doggie daycare your dogs were last at. I think you read well into your dogs behaviors and took the initiative to leave. i think there needs to be some guidelines and courses to take before opening any kind of daycare for dogs or for any animals for that matter.

I would love for you to post on here about your experience from your last daycare and to the EHS. What were the differences? What does the EHS offer? I think if you post more about this it will make more people aware of the seriousness of Lack of Quality in some of the Doggie Daycares in and around the city. I believe strongly that Doggie Daycares are fantastic for dogs and that they all aren't this way. But there needs to be some awareness!!!

If there is anyone that has positive experiences with Doggie Daycares please post. We are definitely encouraging that your dog gets the stimulation it needs during the day when you are not around.. It keeps them Happy and Healthy.
Reply Laureen
1:36 PM on May 2, 2014 
I am looking for some information/pricing/availability etc. on doggie daycare services. *Sent email to no time for poop